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Article on Merit Scholarships in the Florida Catholic

Coverage of the dinner and presentations in the Florida Catholic can be found HERE and in an upcoming June print edition, available in the Church loggia, by the nursery.

(Click on photo  images below  to view videos)
(Click on photo  images below  to view videos)

Finishing up a tremendous year of work and pictured in the new group photo at right:

    Front Row: Ceci Paz, Nina Rogers, Jeanette Martinez, Rose McCullagh, and Barbara Lee. 

    Back Row: Richard Glass, Tom Carrigan, Don Jackson, Bill Vander Wyden, John Gentile, Mike Carrier, Eric Schwindeman, Bill Fogarty, and  Paul Banaszak.

    Not pictured: Dan Lamey, Jim Iovino, Ray Octaviano, and Tim Britton

Matching Gift

Merit Scholarship Committee Members and Distinguished Judges,


Front Row: (Left to right) Tom Carrigan, Barbara Lee, Ceci Paz

                    and Marina Rogers


Second Row: Ray Octaviano, John Gentile, Jimmy Iovino, Richard

                    Glass, Bill VanderWyden


Back Row:   Bill Fogarty, Dan Lamey, Tim Britton, Eric Schwindeman


Not Pictured: Don Jackson, Jeanette Martinez, Mary McCullagh, Tom Mazzeo,

                      Daina Squires-Daniel, Paul Banaszak.

SJN Men's Club help our Family Matters Ministry and Scholarship Programs, October 14th, 2017

Photos include

Mike Carrier at Merit Scholarship Table at Family Matters Fair for which Men’s Club was a supporting sponsor

Mike Carrier, Ceci Paz, Betsy Carrier at Fair

Family Matters Fair crowd

DJ and Men’s Club banner at Fair

Fair at night

Fair check in table

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