Men's Club Supported Hope, Heart & Home Ministry Takes Off

Volunteers from one of the Archdiocese of Miami's newest ministries, the Hope, Heart & Home Ministry have begun their program and graduated their first class.  As described in a recent article in the Florida Catholic - Standing Up For Children, the program is making a real difference in the lives of children.


In a message to the new ministry, Nelson Hincapie, CEO of Voices For Children and a member of the Men's Club and a recent speaker stated"I want to take a minute to thank all of you for the countless hours or minutes you have devoted to becoming a Guardian ad Litem, a foster parent or someone to support kids in care in any other way.  When we talk about children in the foster care system, we are referring to a specific number- no more than 3,000 children at any given time. Each of those children has had some hope at some time. Obviously, the older they are, the more wounds they have received. 


Many times these wounds are caused by the very people who are supposed to care for them, but think about it, how many times did your parents or people who were supposed to love you cause wounds in you?  I believe that those of us with deep wounds that God has healed have the responsibility to become wounded healers. On a final note, I want to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s day and I hope the Our Father’s love is felt by each one of you."

The new ministry was organized and is chaired by our own past president Eric Schwindeman.

Photographer: COURTESY

The initial class of Guardians ad Litem recruited through the Hope, Heart & Home Ministry take their oath in the Miami Dade Children's Courthouse. They are: Lourdes Andujas, Mary Andujas, Joselito Burgos, Martha Pomares-Candia, Maria Garcia Granados, Maddy Garcia, Thais Guevara, Taylor Hobbs, Carmen Lugo, Blanca Palomino, Louvenia Smith, Eric Schwindeman, and Cylena Stewart.

Mother's Day Orchids 2018

Orchids imported from Thailand were given to mothers after all the Saturday and Sunday Masses on the weekend of May 12/13, 2018.

SJN Men's Club help our Family Matters Ministry and Scholarship Programs, October 14th, 2017

Photos include

Mike Carrier at Merit Scholarship Table at Family Matters Fair for which Men’s Club was a supporting sponsor

Mike Carrier, Ceci Paz, Betsy Carrier at Fair

Family Matters Fair crowd

DJ and Men’s Club banner at Fair

Fair at night

Fair check in table

SJN Men's Club help our the SJN LEAF Law Enforcement and Fire Fighters Emmaus retreat at Morningstar July 2017

The Men's Club is proud to be a financial sponsor of the SJN Boy Scouts Troop Annual 4th of July Parade .

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The Coach's Bench - Donated by the Men of Saint John Neumann Catholic Church to Coach Bill Segale - June 3rd 2017

Faith - Fellowship - Service begins with ... helping serve Habitat for Humanity - 3-25-17

We assembled in West Perrine before the sun came up. Armed only with claw hammers and 16-penny nails, a determined crew from the SJN Men's Club tackled the interior wood framing of the Habitat For Humanity house under construction at 10285 SW 175 Street. By 3 PM they completed their mission.


The Men's Club team included veterans Luis Acevedo, Al Robles, Fred Zinobile, Peter Glaria, Michael Carrier, and Eric Schwindeman - all under the watchful supervision of foreman (and Past Men's Club President), Dr. Bill Bronkan. These workers (except Eric) can wield a "wicked" hammer. Two by fours were forged into interior walls, doorways, and closets.  By noon, the house was starting to actually

take shape. By one o'clock, the swelling started to go down on Eric's iced thumb.


Lunch on this Saturday (as all lunches are) was courtesy of the SJN Men's Club, who donated burgers, hot dogs, rolls, buns, chips, drinks for all the hungry carpenters and roofers in the upcoming weekends.


Many thanks to these day-laborers from the Men's Club who gave up their Saturday with their families to help make this house a reality for a special Habitat family!


 God Bless!

Faith - Fellowship - Service begins with ... helping serve at the Emmaus Retreat and Mercy Hospital - 3-26-17

On Sunday eight of our guys answered the call for support as we always do for this most powerful retreat; Paul Banaszak,

Tim O'Connor, David Schleifer, John Gentile, Richard Glass,

Virgil Campaneria, Tom Carrigan, and Eric Schwindeman.


The Men's Club was well-represented! Paul (as Treasurer) and Richard (as Membership Director) did a great job introducing the Men's Club to the guys and were well-received.


The Emmaus retreat is one of the paramount retreats in the spirituality of Men Mentoring Men.  Started back in time by our own Myrna Galligher and support by Fr David Russell and Monsignor Pablo Navarro, we have retreats during the Lenten and Liturgical Seasons.  Men's Emmaus are held both in English and Spanish, four times a year for each language.  We also have a special Emmaus called LEAF - which covers our Law Enforcement And Firefighters in August.

This is also the month of honoring all the Mom's of our Parish.  The Annual Mother's Day Orchids that we hand out to all the Moms and Grand Moms.


The Reason of Our Season two-fold.  To Celebrate Christmas and to provide the gifts of our Teddy Bear Christmas to our Needy at Area Hospitals during the Christmas Season.

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